Balenciaga website

E-commerce, fictional project with Grebban


The project

The mission was to redesign an e-commerce website. I choose, the brand work with a non-visual- and abstract look online. I reasoned it would be exciting to create a more visual expression on the website, what would it look like?
I also wanted to improve the user experience and navigation.

The brand

Balenciaga is one of the biggest creators of avant-garde, modern and exclusive fashion. The luxury house has long played an influential role globally and often creates trends in both fashion and web design.

“Make it simple, but significant.” –Don Draper"

– Don Draper


This is what the website looked like before, mostly lines and a navigation menu in several steps. To understand what needed to be done I asked and analyzed a few users. It resulted in this:

- Their method of showing "new in" with a pop-up was a disturbing element for the user.

- The user found it challenging to navigate on the page since the abstract design is mostly lines and the navigation to the products includes at least three extra steps.

- The interactive elements and links had a great indication, the text appeared with an underline and the search worked well.


I took my bag full of user data and gathered some inspiration. I also created two personas to describe my design.

First, Sara a 25-year-old woman. Currently working as a fashion stylist at Elle. She is visiting Balenciaga e-commerce to gather inspiration from the luxury brand.

Next, Victoria a 28-year old woman. She works at Vouge and has a good income. She has a short lunch break and want to purchase a new jacket on, her requirement is fast and smooth navigation.

My redesign
The result

By using Balenciaga´s images and some photoshop I created a start page showing their expression and their way of pushing the limits. The content inspires Sara and the menu bar answers Victoria´s request for fast and smooth navigation. The products are still in focus and get a lot of space to achieve a luxury feeling. A new take on

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