Campaign and strategy, fictional


The project

The project A campaign created to inform young adults about our political parties to promote the value of knowing the agendas of the party your voting for. For an easier election.

Team: Johan Petersson, Johanna Schulz, and Carl Pohl.


Have you ever watched a political debate on tv and wonder what they actually mean? Or sigh when you reading about politicians obligations? According to our users it´s hard for young adults to vote while the politicians delivering vague information and never keep what they promise.

The idea

The campaign and mobile app Välja answers those requests, we deliever impartial and objective facts with Valmyndigheten as sender. The app compares the latest news with the politic parties actions, do they act at all?


The concept is woven into the slogans and design. The logo represents the voting cards and we carried the concept of an impartial and objective communication by using primarily black and white.


Togheter with Johan Petersson we created the posters but I delivered the illustrations. It provides the campaign a personal character and illustrate the complexity with elections.

Summary of posters
The result

The posters is decorated with qoutes from our users and the political dilemmas. The campaign has an ability of remaining active all year around including the app. A clean look with a relevant topic.

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