Nässjö HC Academy

Logotype options for Nässjö HC


The project

A logotype option for the collaboration between Nässjö Hockey Club and the Brinell gymnasium. Cooperation enabling a hockey profile for the school's program. They felt the need for a unitary look to attract more people to the hockey club with a stronger identity. My mission was a logotype to start with, a logotype to wear and use with pride.

The academy

I choose to call the collaboration "NHC Academy", a name to communicate with both international and local. I felt the need- and importance in creating a separate name and identity and the output resolved in two logotypes with different themes.

The official logotypes

The official logotype of the hockey club to the left, a bit outdated look ready for a remake where I aimed for a more clean look. And the official logotype of the Brinell high school to the right. The school is located in Nässjö and the logotype is the coat of arms of the municipality.

Graphic profile

The hockey club´s graphic profile was my starting point, it included red, blue, and white. I stuck with one color for recognition and independence, the blue color which is found in the city and its context. To reflect the club's values - attitude and will, I tweaked the color to increase the clarity and contrast. The blue is also reused as a shade with low opacity to use for images.

Logotype 01

Innovative, modern, and clean. A horizontal design adapted for many surfaces such as the web, merch, and stationery. The direction is also a connection to the Brinell high school´s logotype but with the simple design well-formed for a vertical setup. A plain and modern font is complementing the hockey puck and gives depth, a logotype with a sense of speed and a real hockey spirit.

Logotype 02

Classic, traditional, and sporty. A more classic variant with a shield, allowing use on all possible surfaces without losing its visibility. Presenting a more sports- and hockey expression paired with a themed yet simple font. The sport element in focus provides a symbol for the hockey program and the shield as a background is connecting the school and the hockey club.

Summary of NHC Academy
The result

With a vague brief to begin with and a lot of creative freedom, it was hard to choose a path to go down. I did feel the need for independence and an identity to communicate with. It resulted in two logotypes options with different themes for the cooperation to begin with and for the students to wear with pride.

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