Scope Technologies

Identity work for Chalmers startup


The project

An identity work for a start-up company named Envue technologies in collaboration with Chalmers Ventures. Together with William Forslund – designer, we created a visual identity including a new name, logo, and photos.

The client

Scopes microscopy technology enables new results in early drug development. This will speed up the long process of compound screening and help the development of safe pharmaceuticals. They use a microscopic device, software, and a nanofluidic chip.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

– Albert Einstein


This was the status of the company when we started. They blended in among all nanotech and pharmacy companies and the name Envue was vague. The company needed a unitary look to be able to stand out from their competitors which are mostly large stiff companies with a blue color.


A strong brand requires a strong name. It needed to describe their industry and Scope Technologies made the job. Scope resembles their innovative technique, their microscopy, and their dedication to their goals. We also added a symbol, it is inspired by the technology behind Scope. It resembles the nanofluidic channels in a simplistic way which is found in their chip.

Visual identity

In the technique and science industry the companies have a similar look and feel. Because of this it was necessary to stand out. This resulted in the purple color, it stands for wisdom and knowledge. The pattern is based on the logo, the direction resembles the movement in the nanofluidic channels, it creates a pleasant flow.


We created professional photos both informative and to establish the brand identity. The photos show a professional environment and colors from their identity. Furthermore we created a natural and personal impression unlike the big companies.

Summary of Scope Technologies
The result

A professional, start-up, and unique identity was our goal for Scope Technologies. We proved to the industry that you can be professional and show your technique without being stiff.
A full unitary identity now provides Scope technologies confidence even as a start-up!

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