App design idea for the City of Gothenburg´s


The project

A mission from the City of Gothenburg´s work for an equal city.
Design a digital solution to enable financial support from companies and locals through crowdfunding. It´s going to support an organization that strives toward an equal life and city.

The vision was to create curiosity and encouragement amongst Gothenburgs locals and make it easy for them to distribute.


For most people, Gothenburg is a good city to grow up and live in. But there are contrasts in living conditions and health among the areas and the gap is growing. “Equal city” is the name of the initiative aimed at reducing these differences and making Gothenburg an equal city. The focus is on health promotion and implementing initiatives early in children´s lives.

Read more about the initiative and the focus areas.

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"I would like to see the companies caring about equality distribute with money. It would be a win-win situation because they do it for a good cause and it gives them great publicity"

– User


There is a lot of crowdfunding options where you can start a project or support others. However, there is not an option where you can support both as individuals and companies. I did a lot of research on the user too and a lot of functions in the app are based on this. Their requests included a simple app with ideas of amounts, an award after donations, a personal feeling, and clear goals.

Target group

I choose to focus on one area in Gothenburg with the most critical condition and where the chances for a good start in life are fewer. Bergsjön. To increase the conditions for young people I used football as a concept, football has helped many people from different areas and the sport has been a save for the people with a critical condition at home.


For an equal start in life.
An initiative between the City of Gothenburg and Bergjöns community youth center. They are going to arrange football practices locally and for free. The project creates a natural approach to the sport and will provide good health, participation, influence and trust.


A simplified shape of a football where the movement represent Startskottet, it also represents the contributions and engagement carrying the project forward. That is why the symbol is not limited to the sport if the project grows. To this an active color to increase the interaction.

Summary of Startskottet
The result

Startskottet is a start, a chance to support areas like Bergsjön and engage the locals at the same time. Hopefully it will inspire people and companies to give, support, and act more in the future.

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